Bite Back has been bringing a unique combination of talents to multimedia since 1994. With a background in broadcast and print journalism and a penchant for social issues, Bite Back explores the potential of multimedia to draw people in and make them think.


Faultline: Seismic Science at the Epicenter
(project director, researcher, writer, web developer)
Created to commemorate the centennial of the Great Quake in 1906, this extensive website covers earthquake science, history, prediction, and engineering. A special section for educators includes many downloadable assets, hands-on activities, and podcasts.

Accidental Scientist
(writer, researcher, web developer)

A three-part, four-year project exploring the science of everyday life.
Science of Cooking
Science of Music
Science of Gardening

NASA Observatory sites, Exploratorium
(writer, teacher guide developer, web production)
A series of sites showcasing current endeavors by NASA.
Ancient Observatories
Transit of Venus
Cassini-Huygens spacecraft visit to Saturn
Mars Rover

Live@Exploratorium: Origins
(producer, developer, writer)
A three-year project looking into the world of science at major research outposts around the world. Each location includes a series of live webcasts as well as extensive material about featured scientists, the labs they work in, and the tools they use.

Science Wire: Technology Reporting Beyond the News
(project director, producer, developer, writer)

A collaboration between the Exploratorium and PRI's "The World," this site expands on the show's technology reporting with additional information and experiments to try at home. The section "Hanging Ten: Surfing the Net, Then Surfing the Waves" is also highlighted in the museums "Sports Science" section.

The Surveillance Society -- Minnesota Public Radio
(co-editor, designer, developer, reporter)
This site accompanied a weeklong newsroom project about privacy issues. It includes two reporting series, a set of news magazine programs, and a quiz. During the week these programs aired, the site also featured a live webcam of the newsroom.

Working Stiff
(co-producer, writer)
This project was one of five (out of over 180) chosen for full funding by the PBS/POV Web Development Fund. It's a sassy webzine about workplace issues, including hand-written workplace diaries, a stress-o-meter test, legal advice about workplace rights and investigative articles.

(instructor, producer)
Cyberchicas was a ten-week media literacy and web savvy course taught as part of the Teen Arts program at the Walker Art Center. Each of the six students developed her own web project, and worked with the instructor to put it online. The site also includes a collage engine, which visitors can use to move words and pictures around into collages and save their work into a gallery.