Public radio journalism has been an outlet for Bite Back since 1993. Pieces have been aired on local stations, national broadcasts, or as parts of special programs.


for KUOW Radio:
Ruston, WA: Superfund Wonderland

"Making a Living" series:

KC Van Natta:
Logger and Proud of It
audio | slide show

Connon Price:
Customer Servant

Phil Viette:
Haz-Mat Man

Kate Walker:
Management Guru

for National Public Radio:
Cell Phones in the Wilderness

for Marketplace:
Seattle's Healthy Houses
Side Effects of Natural Medicine


For the DNA Files:
Drunken Mouse Genetics

for Minnesota Public Radio:
The Information Trade

For WFDD Radio:
Damming the Deep River
Low Income, High Interest

Promo interviews for Jack Straw Productions "Safarini" CD:
Kofi Annan
Frank Spotch

Jack Straw Productions "Artscapes":
Vela Luka: A Singing Croatian Family