To Bite Back, the whole world is one big library, and the fun of being here is checking out what's in the stacks. We've explored a vast array of subjects, from box turtle races and tree farming to biotechnology patents and comparative immigration policy. We've recorded our research in reflections that ranged from one succint sentence to a 250-page multi-chapter document. 


-- Several multi-chapter units of a high school biology for Houton-Mifflin subsidiary. Involved researching current developments in genetics, biotechnology, plant breeding, and other research fields, writing manuscript according to direction from editors,

-- Master's thesis on the media of Russian immigrants in the United States. Required searches for specific material in foreign-language newspaper collections, translations, interviews and extensive background library and database research.

-- Oral histories of musicians for Jack Straw Productions' "Safarini" project, investigating the effets of migration on ethnic music. Interviews were used to create produced radio pieces and as background for accompanying print material about ethnomusicology.

-- Journalistic work involving deep investigation in government and legal documents.

-- Research assistant for UW Medical Biochemistry department, involving searches for specific material in medical and biomedical libraries.

-- Lead researcher for Microsoft Network program "How Long?," finding answers to questions regarding time, i.e. "How long does it take to grow asparagus?" or "How long does a Mexican cockfight last?."