Bite Back has had the privilege of playing leader in a variety of classrooms, and it's a game we learn as much from as the teenagers we're instructing. We've also created educational resources for students and teachers.


Exploratorium (project director, web developer, and teacher guide developer) -- This extensive and Webby-winning educational Web resource includes sites on a wide range of science topics, ranging from particle physics to evolution to the science of cooking. Along with writing and programming for the site, Bite Back directs content and development of Web projects, as well as creating downloadable classroom materials for teachers.

Houton-Mifflin publishers (researcher/writer) -- This major US textbook publisher funded development of a new high school biology text by its subsidiary, McDougal-Littel. Bite Back wrote manuscript sections on biotechnology, genetics, and plant biology. The new book will be published in fall, 2006.

Walker Art Center (instructor) -- Cyberchicas was a media literacy and web savvy class taught to ten teenage girls. Each student devised her own project and worked with the instructor to put it on the Walker's web server.

Seattle Public Schools (guest instructor) -- High schools in the district invited graduate students from the Jackson School of International Studies to create and teach curriculum units in social studies classes. Bite Back developed and taught units on ethnic identity, women leaders in history and environmental policy to tenth graders.

Jack Straw Studios (instructor) -- This nonprofit recording studio offers courses for high school students in radio reporting and production, including recording techniques, story crafting and editing, and audio production using the Protools system.

U of WA Outreach Center (coordinator) -- This small center provided education materials for local schools about current issues relating to Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.